About the Jewelry Material

Our pieces are Stainless Steel, Water Resistant and Hypoallergenic.

Read the guidelines below to help reduce normal wear and tear and to make sure that your favorite jewelry remain long-loved pieces for years to come.

We know you that you love your jewelry but try not to wear it 24-7 as this will reduce a life of your piece. 

We do recommend:

  • Put your jewelry on after applying hair products, hand and body creams, perfume and make-up. 
  • Remove rings when washing your hands and avoid swimming and bathing while wearing jewelry.
  • All jewelry should be removed when engaging with activities such as sport and housework.
  • We also recommend you put on jewelry last when dressing and take off first when undressing as well as we highly recommend to remove jewelry before going to sleep.
  • While not wearing, store your jewelry in a jewelry box to avoid scratches. 

The color will fade a bit eventually, as even real gold dulls. 

OCCASIONALLY wearing the pieces (and storing them safely): the pieces can last for years without fading. 

EVERYDAY constant wear (including bathing and sweating): the pieces can last between 5-8 months before fading noticeably.


The Bad Gurl Store (Bad Gurl Lifestyle) is not responsible for damage which ensues from your actions.